2020 Plymouth Folk and Blues Festival Cancellation

After contemplating the issues of providing proper social distancing enforcement during the event, the risks inherent in using our indoor venue if there is inclement weather, the logistics of providing safe lodging for the artists, and the current 14 day quarantining regulations for visitors and musicians coming to Vermont from some other states, we have decided to cancel the Plymouth Folk and Blues Festival 2020. Although we are very disappointed, it is most important to keep our artists, volunteers, site staff, visitors, dedicated supporters and families safe. We want to avoid becoming a “super-spreader event”  where many people get infected at once which account for 80 percent of all transmissions. Also even though numbers are looking much better at present, we took into consideration that during the 1918-19 flu, transmission rates fell in the warmer months, only to soar again in the fall when folks think the crisis is over and stopped taking precautions.

This was not an easy decision and we are especially sorry for our artists who have suffered so much during this crisis, many having their very livelihoods put in jeopardy. According to NPR, across the country, music venues remain closed due to the pandemic — and according to a new survey, 90 percent of independent venue owners, promoters and bookers say that they might have to close permanently within the next few months. Please consider supporting our artists by clicking on their links listed on this website and buying their CDs, merchandise or just reaching out to them. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2021!


Jay Ottaway